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Working with a

Registered Dietitian

We all know that eating and maintaining a healthy diet is key to achieving good health, especially if you’re trying to lower your cholesterol, but with often conflicting diet advice on the market — cutting out carbs versus eating complex carbs, or eating low-fat foods versus foods with “good” fats — it can be tough to know what actually constitutes good nutrition. Not to mention that everyone’s body is different and diet advice is not always a one size fits all.


If you're struggling to understand what makes a diet healthy — and how to make healthy eating a lifestyle, not a temporary fix — a registered dietitian can help. It is critical to meet with a registered dietitian who is highly trained in the science of nutrition along with the physiology of the body. A registered dietitian is certified and trained in using diet to manage or prevent health problems, but a nutritionist may not be. A dietitian can help you spot unhealthy foods, and stick to healthy choices without spending a fortune on groceries.

Because food labels and recommendations can be very confusing, a registered dietitian can help you to sort through all of the confusion and help make choosing foods much easier, and usually save you a lot of money in food costs as well.


  • Consultations--Individual, Couples, or Family

  • Nutrient Analysis

  • Grocery Store Cruise and Grocery Store Tour

  • Kitchen & Pantry Makeover

  • Meal Planning

  • Weight Management Packages

  • Nutrition Parties

  • Workplace Wellness Programs, Seminars, and Workshops

Auricular Therapy

Conditions that use Auricular Therapy for Treatment :

  • Detoxification

  • Reduction in Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Reduction in Pharmaceutical Use

  • Reduction in Drug, Alcohol, & Nicotine Cravings

  • Reduction in Food Cravings to manage weight loss

  • Promotes positive Behavioral Changes & Self Empowerment 

  • Increased ability to focus on certain areas of the body due to Substance Abuse, Alcohol & Yo-Yo Dieting 

  • Biofeedback

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