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Customized Medical Needs, LLC (CMN) serves as an Alcohol & Substance Abuse Non-Residential Treatment and Residential Treatment Facility serving the needs of individuals with substance/alcohol abuse as well as those with or without a diagnosis of Co-occurring Disorders Capable (COD-C). We are a therapy services provider who is poised to be your personalized therapeutic service provider. We optimize the multidisciplinary approach to service delivery by effective and efficient assessment of needs and the provision of quality and compassionate services for everyone that walks through our doors. We pride ourselves on customizing a clients treatment plan in order to enhance their quality of life. 


CMN has attained its aspiration of becoming the most preferred provider of inclusive services in West Tennessee; for alcohol & substance abuse treatments, and engaging and serving clients with co-occurring disorders through cognitive-based treatment,  rehabilitation services, enhancement services, and restorative services. We are one of many leaders in the highest standard of care. Our unique and specialized customization promotes the achievement of positive patient outcome, total patient satisfaction, and medical best practice and most importantly inclusivity of all persons and their families. 






  • Alcohol & Drug Non-Residential Rehabilitation Treatment

  • Alcohol & Drug Residential Treatment

  • Effective Coping Techniques/ Moral Recognition Therapy

  • Life Skills Educational Counseling

  • Case Management

  • Alcohol & Drug Assessments and Activities

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Auricular Detoxification Therapy​​

  • Psycho-Therapy

  • DUI School

  • Anger Management

  • Wellness Exams

  • Drug Testing

  • Registered Dietitian


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Welcome to Customized Medical Needs!

Our mission, your recovery, begins
the moment you enter those doors with our purpose, your goal, to exit them with the sun
shining on your recovered life, confident and secure to face the world again. This time,
without anything or anyone holding you hostage from your dreams.

value. quality care. convenience.

"Customized Medical Needs, LLC"

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